Exclusion Zone / Deuterium-Depleted Water

Learn about EZ water’s scientifically verified benefits, including the exclusion zone/fourth phase and deuterium-depleted properties.

Fourth Phase/EZ Water

Since 2011, EZ Water has the distinct recognition of being one of only a few waters studied at the University of Washington by the esteemed bioengineering professor Dr. Gerald Pollack. Through rigorous UV tests, Dr. Pollack surmised that EZ showed the strongest and most obvious “EZ” water signature he has noted. The fourth phase nature of EZ makes the water much easier for your body to absorb and recognize, essentially giving free hydration to your cells.

Bioavailable Hydrogen

Since 2007, EZ water has the distinct recognition to be one of only a few waters studied by leading material scientist, the late Dr. Rustum Roy, at Penn State University. Under raman spectroscopy, Dr. Roy discovered that EZ water has a weaker bond between the hydrogen and oxygen molecule, making hydrogen in our h2o easily separated from the oxygen for rapid breakdown and absorption.

Deuterium Depleted

EZ water is verified as DDW through lab tests at UC Davis. Like Hunza water, EZ water hovers around 130 ppm; numerous independent studies reveal significant and possible health benefits associated with DDW.

Though a 15% reduction may not seem significant (compared to “regular” water at 155 ppm), the Griffiths theory suggests the adverse biological effect of deuterium goes by the square of the concentration.

102% Oxygenation

On the heels of the same scientific research done at UC Davis, EZ water was also discovered to contain more oxygen than tap water, RO water, filtered water, distilled water, etc. This same study surmised that EZ water’s oxygen content rested at 102%, with a higher O16/O18 ratio (the good kind of useful oxygen your body loves).

Pure & Balanced

EZ water is the ONLY bottled water on the market to be bottled at less than 1 parts per million, with undetectable dissolved solids. EZ water is also antibacterial with an ORP of +200, the only pH neutral water to have this characteristic.

Cellular Hydration

EZ water is one of only a few bottled water brands scrutinized by scientists. Having been researched at Penn State University, UC Davis, Arizona State University, Washington State University, and Loyola Marymount University, leading material scientists have concluded that the unique energy level of EZ water makes it more hydrating than any other water. Furthermore, EZ water’s proprietary process makes sure clean water is delivered to your cells without the use of additives.

Proprietary Purification

EZ water is the ONLY water purified through our exclusive purification technique. The process has 14 stages of filtration and takes over 6 hours to purify 1.25 gallons of water.

Zero Chemicals

EZ water originates from an ancient, underground aquifer in pristine Idaho, and then purified through the physics of vapor. There are ZERO additives and ZERO chemicals used in purifying EZ water. There is NO sodium or chlorine, so EZ water is safe for those with high blood pressure to drink.

Glass Bottles

EZ water is bottled in glass, NEVER in plastic. Our bottles are recyclable and are made of 35% recycled glass. We choose glass for the health and well-being of our customers as well as the planet. EZ water is built around a sustainable business model and remains environmentally conscious.

Why EZ Water?

Simple. EZ water is the only “renatured” water on Earth. We capture water at its most pure and balanced, with all the benefits of clean hydration.

No other bottled water company compares to our commitment to quality.

According to the World Health Organization, 90% of diseases are caused by unclean water and dehydration.

EZ water is scientifically proven to be both “EZ” (exclusion zone) AND deuterium depleted water, at a 1000x more pure than bottled water, tap water, glacial water, spring water, rain water, or any other kind water available. It is also proven to be more hydrating to the cell, thanks to our exclusive, proprietary technology. When you drink EZ water, you are hydrating your body with the purest water to enter your cells.

Exclusion Zone (or “EZ”) water is understood by progressive thinkers in the scientific community to be the water nature intended. It is activated water with the ability to enter and energize living, organic cells. Scientists, doctors, bioengineers, biohackers, Nobel laureates, and the like believe that “EZ” water is the same water generated by the cells of living creatures, like humans.

EZ water‘s scientific aspects are verified by labs at: Penn State, UC Davis, Arizona State, University of Washington, Loyola Marymount University, and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, and Amity University (India).

DDW is independently studied and researched by numerous scientists and doctors and is understood to be anti-cancerous, anti-aging, aids in better sleep, aids in greater in energy, and aids in the reduction of depression.

Our patented process is over 14 stages of purification, which takes over 8 hours to purify 3 gallons of EZ  water. Furthermore, our process is environmentally friendly, with no water waste in the purification process. With a mission to provide an all-natural, beneficial beverage free of chemicals, we purvey water free of hormones, pesticides, arsenic, chromium-6, chlorine, fluoride, lead, MTBE, and trace pharmaceuticals.

We love nature, which is why we perfect the world’s most precious resource for the world’s most valuable species: the human race.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Supporting Science

Tests and Studies

Dr. Manoogian, M. March 26, 2007. Testing tap water vs EZ (“Smart water” in test) concrete strength; EZ 15% higher ksi than the tap water mix average. Loyola Marymount University.

Dr. Roy, R. August 28, 2007. Letter written by Dr. Roy describing the experiments conducted on EZ water; results show a stretched O-H bond, long-term structuring/energy associated with EZ Water, purity and pH. Materials Research Laboratory, Penn State University

Dr. Pollack, G. H. May 5, 2011. Recorded high measurement of EZ water signature of EZ water at 270 nm. Pollack Laboratory, University of Washington.

Dr. Matthews, J. Feb 5, 2016. ​Results of lab tests for deuterium depletion and oxygenation; results show EZ water’s DDW measurements and oxygen parts per million. Stable Isotopes Facility, UC Davis.

Dr. Shankaraswamy, J. and Dr. Sarika, S. 2017. Value added fruit processing with EZ water: a holistic cellular healthy diet. Amity International Centre for Post Harvest Technology and Cold Chain Management, Amity University Uttar Pradesh; Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Bradley, R. 2018. Effects of EZ water on kidney and liver function – abstract and proposal completed. Helfgott Research Institute, National University of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Roberts, C. May 5, 2020. Blood test results (confidential) of players on EZ water over 23 months. Bournemouth Soccer Club.

Snyder, D. July 1, 2020. ​Results of lab tests for deuterium depletion and verification of EZ water DDW in ppm. Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology – Analytical Lab.

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